Speaker at Rutgers University: Become Your HERO

On December 4, 2015 I had the honor of speaking at Rutgers University,  my alma mater, to a group of over 200 students. Thanks to generous sponsors named below, the event brought in over $7,500.00 of donations to the students … Read More

Nahanni Interview and Gallery

For the first time since the successful conclusion of the 2015 Nahanni Expedition, I am honored to talk with John Lee Dumas on his podcast, EntrepreneurOnFire.com.
Saturday, August 29th, 2015

The 2015 Nahanni Expedition traveled 280 miles through some of the largest … Read More

Traveling Productively: My Mobile Headquarters


Traveling by bus has major advantages that give you an office with the most incredible view. Unlike an airplane, you are low enough to the ground that you get phone signal and most buses have outlets now. This means that … Read More

I Am Not A SuperHero

Last week I wrote about things going wrong, and that is just part of the ride. The other part is the emotional roller-coaster and moments come when you feel the ground underneath you dissolve.
I said I would talk about the … Read More

T H E I S L A N D, full film
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Three days on the deserted Ihlia da Xavier, Florianopolis, Brasil. My first short film.

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Things Going Wrong
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This post is a part of the How-To-Expedition Guide for our 2015 Nahanni Expedition
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Isn’t an expedition all about facing challenges and overcoming situations that fundamentally have a probability of failure so high that the … Read More

Cost of Being Prepared: Peak Condition No Matter What

Silly? Not so silly if you take into account that putting together an expedition from nothing is a 24 hour a day job. I mentioned in my talk that most of my time is spent behind a desk at a … Read More