SPOT Live Tracking on Trek Tech

The first leg of the journey is about to start, the bus ride across America. This is a perfect opportunity to test out the SPOT Gen3 Tracking device and the live tracking map.

The map will be hosted at Trek Tech … Read More

Our Guide Book: Dangerous River

When I first got contacted about this adventure, I asked Greg whether he recommended any guide books or websites.
“Dude,” he started, “you have got to read this story by this Patterson guy.” And while I may be exaggerating with the … Read More

Tufa Mounds at Rabbitkettle Hot Springs

Tufa mounds are actually more like jacuzzis made of mineral deposits.
These structures sit on hot springs, which are basically locations in or near geologically active areas where water is superheated underground. The water that seeps out of the ground is … Read More

OVRHD Interactive Nahanni Map!

NOTE: The image of the Tufa Mounds on this map is a similar structure from another region in the world. While the Tufa Mounds in Nahanni are the same type of structure, photos were not available to demonstrate their size.

Expeditions … Read More