Rutgers University presentation, Become Your HERO by Milosz Pierwola, Esq. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Speaker at Rutgers University: Become Your HERO

On December 4, 2015 I had the honor of speaking at Rutgers University,  my alma mater, to a group of over 200 students. Thanks to generous sponsors named below, the event brought in over $7,500.00 of donations to the students and university organizations.

My presentation explained how to take advantage of often-overlooked resources that are available at university to begin shaping a dream career straight out of school. The event was a collaboration and invited the following university organizations that students were able to meet with personally:

  • Go Outdoors Rutgers, Rutgers Recreation Department
  • Rutgers University Outdoors Club
  • Rutgers Astronomical Society
  • Rutgers Scuba
  • Rutgers Climbing Team
  • Rutgers Photography Club
  • Rutgers Rugby Football Club

Special thanks to the following individuals without whom the event would not be possible:

Professor Richard Lathrop, Professor Tad Pryor, Jesse Stratowski, Ryan Dobbs (and the entire Rutgers Rugby Team!), Yotam Cohen, Michael Martini, and last but not least, Katie Park and the Daily Targum University Newspaper