Rutgers Daily Targum Feature Story

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Whether I was reading it on the bus on the way to class or picking it up on my way into the dining hall, I read Rutgers University’s The Daily Targum every single day of my college life.

So when I found out that I would be featured on the front page because of my journey, I honestly could not feel more honored.

When I started attending college, I believed that I had a limited selection of majors to choose from. I was convinced that you could only become an engineer, pharmacist, doctor, lawyer, etc. However, today my message is that college is a tool box for your future. Whatever career you can possibly imagine, for four years you have the chance to ask professionals who are paid for having become experts in helping you create that.


Check out the article and a big thank you to Jeff Gibbons for his incredible skill of turning my ramblings into a cohesive story.