Since 2013, we have been taking private clients out at home and across borders to international locations for private tours.

Our trips start at one full day and can last several weeks, all personalized for each individual. You can challenge yourself to a wilderness expedition, enjoy a cultural journey, or try for a combination of both.

Please view the following video for a taste of what is possible:

Every trip is scouted and planned beforehand and destinations are carefully, personally vetted including hand selecting local vendors, guides, and attractions.

07 - Zakatki Swiata 4-23-15 (Radio RAMPA)

Everything is included and we prepare for the trip together. Your package can include everything including all necessary gear, personalized menu, transportation, admission including tips and fees, and professional photography to capture your entire journey.


There is no limits to where we can go and what we can do, safely. We work closely with each client to train in preparation of physically demanding trips. In addition, we are certified for wilderness emergencies and utilize the latest in GPS tracking and Satellite telecommunications technology.