Milosz Pierwola has spoken at major conferences, law schools, universities, high schools and private events. His speaking engagements focus on promoting higher education and developing discipline from personal passions in order to create your dream career.


I have not heard someone so passionate about their career path. Tim B.

More people need to listen what you have to say. Gustavo D.

After listening to podcasts for over a year, your interview was the first that spoke directly to me. Daniel M.

I was hanging on every word you said. Your story touched me on so many levels. You’re one heck of a story teller and one of the most inspirational speakers I’ve ever listened to. Michael D.

PS-inline-image-05Milosz is a graduate of Rutgers Camden Law School as well as Rutgers University where he completed a double major in Math and Economics. During school he worked as an instructor for Kaplan Test Prep which lead him to become head representative and administrator for Bar Bri bar exam review. Licensed in New Jersey and New York as an attorney, in 2012 he made the decision to pursue his passion as an explorer full time. Since then he has become the first Polish person to paddle down the Little Nahanni River in Canada, a published author, internationally recognized photographer, film producer, and professional gear tester.

Distinguished by notable institutions, Milosz has been invited to appear on television, radio, and podcasts. He has had articles written about him in international publications including being featured in his university’s newspaper on the front page. His photography has been exhibited internationally as well as in New York in a private event with Porsche Design on Madison Avenue.


Speaker at Rutgers University
Become Your HERO
Event designed to direct students to often-overlooked resources in university to begin shaping their dream career before graduation.

Keynote Speaker at Career Week for West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District
Hacking College to Create Your Dream Career
Presentation designed to instruct graduating students on how to take advantage of unknown opportunities in higher education.

Presenter at 21st Annual Wilderness Risk Management Conference
Transplant: Cultural Diversity from City to Wilderness
Independently produced and researched topic on the substantial culture differences between a metropolitan upbringing and wilderness life. Research included interviews with over 25 notable veteran wilderness guides across all 5 continents.

Producer & Speaker at Rutgers Camden Law School and Drexel Law School
How to Start Your Own Law FirmPresentation invited panel of three accomplished attorneys from diverse legal structures.

Producer & Speaker at Rutgers Law School
Balancing Law & Life in Law School and Beyond
Presentation invited panel of notable alumni attorneys; Olympic Athlete Renee Hykel* and distinguished environmental attorney Shawn LaTourette

Guest Speaker: Celebrating 40 Years of Professor Roger S. Clark’s Legal Career
Invited speaker at event celebrating distinguished law professor Roger S. Clark

*A last minute emergency injury prevented Renee from attending the lecture.