June 18 – July 8, 2015

Dangerous River: Adventure on the Nahanni 90 Years Later

Canyons 3,300 feet deep, white water for 7 mile stretches, waterfalls twice the height of the Niagara, and nature so raw it remains the same today as the day it was discovered.

A How-To-Expedition Guide

I am creating a How-To-Expedition Guide based on my first expedition ever, mistakes and all. I have never found a book or guide online that goes through the steps of planning, training, and executing an expedition; so I decided to create one myself.
It is my hope that this will serve to help anyone else planning the same. Please feel free to ask any questions, send comments, and share. This is a dream of mine since I can remember and I’m sharing it all.

My story began in an office in New York city three years ago when I was working as a starting attorney. I daydreamed of exploring distant wildernesses and sleeping under the stars, but I believed that I had invested in my career and the opportunity had passed. I sat and worked in an office where, at the desks near me, awaited my future; progressively older attorneys that represented me at each age.

I made the decision that if I would ever spend another second working, it would be to make my wildest dreams possible. Three years later…

The EXP Nahanni Expedition is a 19 day, 280 mile whitewater canoe expedition through one of the most remote and least traveled rivers in the world. Inspired by the book Dangerous River: Adventure on the Nahanni, by R.M. Patterson, we will visit many of the iconic destinations and explore the mysterious lore of the stretch of Canyon. I will be the first Polish person to paddle down this river, and we will document the entire journey for you from beginning to end.

I wouldn’t believe it if you told me then, but here goes my life’s wildest dreams…

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