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Miłosz Pierwoła is the hero Polish are looking for.

Miłosz is the perfect Polish American to promote international Polish heritage, demonstrating the value of connection to cultural identity as a Polish-American world explorer. Born in Warsaw he is the living example that dreams can come true no matter who you are.

More importantly, Miłosz is able to communicate this by creating comprehensive marketing campaigns for large brands based around his travels. His skills and accomplishments include organizing large live events of 800+ people, presenting independently researched topics at major international conferences, producing a Polish language podcast on American Polish Radio, private Photography Galleries around the world including Poland, writing adventure articles, creating marketing videos/photography, and coordinating social media to amplify his message to a global audience; incorporating partnering brands natively throughout.


Produce a story in the form of content that can be used as standalone and fit into a larger narrative based around being a Polish American who discovered a passion in travel and pursued his dream to create a career out of it.


Miłosz’s story is extremely relatable and inspiring, especially to the 30 something demographic. As a Polish immigrant he finished school to end up in a job he did not love, having invested his life and money into a career he felt trapped in. However, against everyone’s advice he gave it all up to pursue his true passion; exploring. It is through his incredible storytelling, photography, video, and now Virtual Reality, that he inspires people of all ages and nationalities to travel more while living in New York City.



Miłosz was born in Warsaw and grew up at a time when Poland was being torn apart politically. Predicting tough economic times, his parents immigrated with him and his two brothers to the United States seeking stability and opportunity.

In 1991 The Pierwoła family arrived in one of the smallest towns in New Jersey and Miłosz grew up surrounded by streets and concrete far away from nature. He was encouraged to become a doctor, lawyer, or similar city job and attended American school during the week, and Polish and Catholic School on Saturdays and Sundays – seven days a week. Ultimately, he went on to college, law school, and became an attorney in New York City.

However, although he followed everyone’s advice and achieved their version of success, he was deeply unhappy and felt trapped. He had spent his entire life reading at a desk and without money had taken on more student debt than most people he knew. He had never been outdoors except at family campgrounds, a.k.a. outdoor motels. Yet, against all odds and in the face of insurmountable challenges, he took the chance of his life and quit to pursue his passion of becoming an explorer.

Today, Miłosz lives in New York City but is an explorer that travels all over the world. He inspires people by writing, photography and video, and now 360 Virtual Reality. He is fully aware of the incredible treasures he has reached and has made it his life mission to share with those who don’t believe it is possible in their lives. He leads by example, to demonstrate that a Polish child immigrant maturing into a job he does not love, and anyone else can become their hero.

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All writing for the Polish Podcast Zakątki Świata prepared and written by Miłosz Pierwoła



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