Official Sponsor: Goal Zero

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Goal Zero is a company that deserves exceptional praise because of how involved it is with the community from the very bottom all the way to the top. Three years ago when I called them to support my company EXP Adventures and expressed my ambitious passion, they didn’t even hesitate to offer support. Goal Zero provided me with equipment that still all functions today and has made it possible for me to power up my electronics in the most remote places I have traveled to without failure.

There is no question about Goal Zero’s involvement, influence, and support that has shaped the direction my life has taken and I am privileged and honored to announce that Goal Zero is sponsoring this expedition both with financial support and gear. The images you have seen on this page and elsewhere that I have created; specifically my Polar Expedition gallery, THE ISLAND video, and the videos produced for the Trek Tech Summer Picks series, would not be possible without power thanks to Goal Zero.

Check out the Goal Zero website and Social Media below,
they have some of the best images, stories, and gear you will find!


Please check out our gear sponsors who make this expedition possible!

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