Official Hydration Technology Sponsor: GeigerRig

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Paddling on a river, you would be surprised to learn that staying hydrated is an issue. To find a solution I approached a company that has played a big part in my adventures over the years, GeigerRig. They are right now the leaders in researching and designing personal hydration and water management systems and we can not be more proud to bring their equipment with us.

Why is water an issue?

There are several reasons that hydration becomes challenging on a river adventure. First, because you are splashed and remain wet pretty much most of the day, you feel that you are hydrated. You don’t feel thirsty and slowly dry fro the inside out; combine this with physical exercise that makes you sweat, and you are putting yourself in danger of dehydration. Second, the water in the river is full of bacteria and viruses. We will be at the base of 3,300 foot canyons and everything that defecates, dies, and rots on those slopes is washed straight into the river. And third, we will have our hands full navigating Class V rapids for stretches of up to 4 miles, and a hydration backpack is just not possible to fit under a personal floatation device (PFD).

Soution: GeigerRig

GeigerRig provides solutions to all these problems. Their bladders have pressurized technology (patent pending), meaning water sprays out of the hose when you bite or squeeze the nozzle. In addition, they produce an ultralight vest called the Rig Cadence, a slim bladder system that is perfect for fitting under a PFD. Combined with their Nano Drink Tube technology, it is possible to use a malleable wire to point the slim tube just out of mouth’s reach. This solves two problems; your hands are free and the system is always on you, and it is super-convenient to drink as you can just lean your head and the water sprays right in.

If that wasn’t enough, GeigerRig purifies any water you pour into the bladder. They include in-line filters; meaning, the filter attaches to the hose between the bladder and your mouth. Because the bladder is pressurized, a variety of filters can be used that eliminate both viruses and bacteria from anything you drink. You can literally pour in puddle water and spray out crystal clear drinking water.

I have traveled the world with my GeigerRig and been in the wilderness with several models many times. I have no reservations about the incredible advantage we will have and I encourage you to check out their website below.

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