Official Gear Sponsor: Trek Tech

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If I am James Bond, then Trek Tech is my Q. Over the past two years they have excitedly sent me gear that may as well have a “flamethrower switch” as the founder discovers products like the flashlight that can fry an egg!

Selected by Outside Magazine as one of the 7 top gear sites on the internet for a second year, Trek Tech has succeeded by having writers that go a little overboard when testing gear; myself included. The editor Billy Brown is fond of cutting shoes apart with a table saw or shooting them with a 12 gauge shotgun – you know in case the decision between the iPad and Surface Pro is whether it will double as a bulletproof vest in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse.

As for me, I started writing because of the obvious perk of free gear. When you quit your job to become an explorer, you don’t just start getting a paycheck in the mail from the Explorer’s Club. You have to figure out how to afford gear without which you would not be able to survive the places you go adventuring. However, there’s also the obstacle that everyone wants to become a gear reviewer and so you have to distinguish yourself.

And that’s where Billy and I get along; we push ourselves, and the gear that is unfortunate enough to accompany us, to the max. My role on the website is to produce gear reviews set during expedition conditions in real remote harsh environments. I’ve tested gear on deserted islands, frozen lakes, in the middle of the desert, and other crazy places. Some of it survives.

So, naturally when I told Billy about this expedition, he already had gear prepped.

And I am proud and honored to announce that Trek Tech, aside from generally encouraging me to push the limits, is a gear sponsor for the 2015 Nahanni Expedition. Please go check out the site and follow the social media below!


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