Official Gear Sponsor: Stanley

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Food in the wilderness is one of the major vulnerabilities of exploring. As humans, we need to eat every day, preferably more than once. The problem is, food spoils quickly, attracts animals, and is difficult to store because we need a variety of fuel. This is where the company STANLEY comes in.

STANLEY got its start with a simple idea for a thermos that could withstand a nuclear blast. William Stanley Jr. revolutionized the world when he invented the all-steel vacuum bottle in 1913 and the company has lead the industry in developing food and beverage storage since.

I believe that STANLEY made a lifetime investment in me; why? Because their products are made to last more than one lifetime and I expect to continue to use the equipment we are getting to reach every corner of the earth from the Nahanni and on. I cannot express how meaningful it is to receive support from such an iconic brand and I look forward to taking out their products into the environments they were forged for.

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