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Exploring is one of the most incredible yet hazardous activities we as a species do, and we are fortunate companies like SPOT have made it their mission to keep us safe.

The reality is that when we travel into the wilderness, we are leaving all help behind. Until fairly recently, explorers had no way of communicating with civilization. Eventually, it was possible to carry long distance radios (the kind you see in World War movies), but those were at the mercy of the weather and weighed so much that bringing them prohibited reaching many places. Then, with the advent of satellites it became possible to bounce signals up and down over distances previously thought impossible. However, satellites were few and signals were unreliable.

Today, however, we are fortunate that so many satellites orbit the earth that SPOT has been able to develop the technology not only to send, but to receive information.

For this expedition, we are heading into one of the largest conservation areas of the world; 30,500 mi², almost the size of Switzerland. Because this is a UNESCO World Heritage site, construction of permanent structures has been prohibited, and that includes cell towers. Therefore, we are privileged for SPOT to provide two devices for us, a Satellite Global Phone and the SPOT Gen3 tracking device. Using both of these, we will be able to update you real time on where we are and how we are.

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