Official Gear Sponsor: Immersion Research

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As a surfer, I’ve got a wetsuit that’s suitable for cold water… but not all day, every day for almost three weeks straight!

I reached out to Immersion Research with a request to help prepare me for this trip and I never imagined that they would be kind enough to equip me with one of their Arch Rival DrySuits. Not only that, they included a full Union Suit baselayer to keep me comfortable underneath.

One of the incredible pleasures of working with companies like IR is the dedication they have to each customer. I can personally attest that when I described my trip to them over the phone, they got just as stoked as me and immediately had a hundred questions. I feel a thousand times safer knowing that their experts put me into the best possible, and single most important piece of gear that will be with me for the duration of this adventure.

Check out their website below and watch the videos for what the company makes possible!


Please check out our gear sponsors who make this expedition possible!