New Official Gear Sponsor: Clothing Arts

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Not only did we just get official team uniforms from Clothing Arts, I can personally attest that they are made for adventure!

Six months ago I put CA’s Pick Pocket Proof pants and shirt through the toughest gear review I have ever performed. I had an adventure every day for thirty days and posted photo proof on Instagram. Not only did they survive, but they managed to look great and feel comfortable.


We are honored to have Clothing Arts on board as a gear sponsor because of the passion that Adam Rapp, the owner of the company, puts into every piece of gear. I met him once and he was bursting with ideas and ambition to create new travel adventure clothes and improve on his already awesome designs. I could barely get in a word and he was showing me samples he had brought and photos on his phone.

It is truly inspiring to have the support of such driven individuals and we are proud to bring Clothing Arts adventure clothes on our Nahanni Expedition!

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