Nahanni Interview and Gallery

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For the first time since the successful conclusion of the 2015 Nahanni Expedition, I am honored to talk with John Lee Dumas on his podcast,

Saturday, August 29th, 2015


The 2015 Nahanni Expedition traveled 280 miles through some of the largest and most remote conservation land on the continent of North America. The trip included a 4,700 mile cross-continent bus trip, the worst wildfires in Canada’s recent history, training in some of the most beautiful rivers of the Yukon, canyons over 3,300 ft. deep, and a checklist of challenges and obstacles too long to list.

I could not have done it alone and wish to thank my sponsors who provided the gear that survived and performed throughout. Please enjoy select photos of this gear and visit their websites to see their full selection.

Major Sponsors:

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