How did we pick Nahanni?

My friend Greg is a guide in the Yukon Territory and he gave me a call one day. I had worked as a volunteer alongside him for a dog-sledding kennel and we had experience quite stressful situations. He basically expressed that he was happy that we became friends and that he recognized how much I valued the opportunity to go on a true expedition.

That’s when he dropped a bomb. He revealed a trip he had been thinking about for a very long time; no clients, no beaten paths, just raw wilderness and true adventure. He described a book he read called Dangerous River: Adventure on the Nahanni and immediately recommended for me to purchase it (which I did).

It seemed that this trip materialized in the perfect conditions. First, and most important, we had experienced working together in the wilderness setting for long periods of time in very stressful conditions. Second, the amount of time that we spent together made both of us comfortable in trusting the other person – he wasn’t just some excited stranger. This is especially true with multiple short side trips we did together when I was in the Yukon. Third, Greg has significant experience guiding and planning month long tours with groups through the wilderness and I have received training and certifications specifically to be able to accompany him on such an endeavor. And most notably, Greg has been planning this trip for many years to this specific location.

The trip is an opportunity, and it is the best chance for a successful expedition. To Greg, it is a dream to go on this true river adventure. To me, I will accompany an experienced outdoorsman on an authentic expedition and learn along the way. Each step forward is calculated, ambitious, and deliberate.