Expedition Success!

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We were cornered by city-sized forest fires so catastrophic they put the entire country into a state of emergency. Parks Canada’s instructions were simple; stay put, check in often. Our location was the middle of nowhere, otherwise known as one of the largest wilderness conservation areas in the world; Nahanni National Park.

It changed my life, it changed me.

On only my second overnight paddling trip ever, we had navigated one of the least known rivers in this raw territory. It was ambitious and by this time we had already escaped with our lives on more than one occasion. There was no doubt that this was a true adventure and every day brought new challenges. First water, now fire, what was next?

The sun never set and each day felt like a week at least. Several times we were trapped in our tents on account of the mosquitoes and the effort of paddling from dusk til dawn left our stomachs ever hungry. Then, there were the portages; carrying full packs in addition to our entire boats up vertical cliffs that fell apart underfoot and were a veritable mine field of wasp nests.

What did we discover? How did we reach our destination?

I’ll tell you all about it in the upcoming documentary and articles. Stay tuned, friend.

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