‘Become Your HERO’ Presentation at Rutgers University Campaign Overview

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Milosz Pierwola's 'Become Your HERO' event at Rutgers University, December 4, 2015 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

The ‘Become Your HERO’ presentation at Rutgers University took place on December 4, 2015. It was independently produced by Milosz Pierwola with the participation of ten university organizations.


65,000 / 35,000
Rutgers University Enrollment / Resident Students
13K / 1.6K / 312 Targeted FB Event Reach / Views / Engagement
200+ Attendance
8,186 Followers of Organizations that Pinned Posts
10 Participating University Organizations
 Front page of the University Newspaper on the day of the event 
 Event Shared/Supported by:
Rutgers Alumni Association, Rutgers Law School Camden, Rutgers Recreation,
University Newspaper Daily Targum, Rutgers Physics and Astronomy Department

The campaign included the following:

  • Front page of the University Newspaper on the day of the event
    • distribution 40,000
  • 24″x36″ color posters hung in all Recreational Facilities and Student Centers on the three city campus
  • Posters also displayed on every electronic bulletin board on the Rutgers Campus
  • Pinned Posts on University Organization Social Media sites for the week leading up to the presentation as well as shared regular posts on their feeds
    • Go Outdoors Rutgers
    • Rutgers Recreation
    • Rutgers Outdoors Club
    • Rutgers Scuba Program
    • Rutgers Rugby Team
    • Rutgers Climbing Team
    • Rutgers Photography Club
    • Rutgers University Programming Association
    • Rutgers Astronomical Society
    • Rutgers Alumni Association
    • Rutgers Polish Club
  • University Targeted Facebook Event; 13k reached, 1.6k viewed, 312 engaged of 44k students
  • Giveaways based on sharing product centered promotional images and using products
    • Promo Image Shares: 1 / 2 / 3
    • “Find the SPOT” SPOT Trace giveaway using live tracking
      • benefits include students using online tools to find product, demonstrating usage of product, targeted demographic
  • Celebrity promotion of event
  • Targeted Promotional Videos (below)
  • Actual Placement of Products in high traffic areas focusing on target demographic
    • At entrances of Recreational Facilities
    • Hanging at entrance from ceiling at Rock Climbing Gym
  • On Campus promotional demonstrations that included product presence
    • Dining Hall Frozen T-Shirt Contest with prizes present
  • Pre-event campus appearances meeting with specific groups that participated in event promotion
    • Rutgers Rugby Team
    • Rutgers Climbing Team
    • Rutgers Photography Club
  • Incentive prizes for on-campus promotion including writing about event on classroom boards, making announcements, encouraging friends to attend
  • Reddit promotion on r/Rutgers subreddit
    • 1,900 recorded views

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Event Promotional Videos

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