Nahanni Campaign

The 2015 Nahanni Expedition was a full length promotional campaign that integrated brands into a captivating story across multiple social media channels using high quality 100% independently produced content.

Stage 1/3: Lead Up
This stage … Read More


The materials below are for reference to the TeleConference with Greyhound Bus Lines on July 30, 2015.
Sample Greyhound Bus Photos:

Sample Product Photography:
2015 Nahanni Campaign Overview:

 The 2015 Nahanni Expedition is designed to demonstrate a full length promotional campaign that integrates brands … Read More

Montegrappa Proposal

Milosz Pierwola originally received his Montegrappa Extra 1930 fountain pen on April 29, 2014.
In just two years Milosz has incorporated the writing instrument to be an inseparable part of his persona as a classic explorer. He captures his story as … Read More

Zamberlan Proposal


Milosz Pierwola went from being an attorney in New York City to traveling the world as an explorer. He is now becoming an outdoor celebrity; producing marketing campaigns for select companies, making public appearances and representing brands in high profile … Read More

GR Nahanni Images

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GeigerRig Sponsor Image Preview. There’s a novel behind these.

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