Traveling Productively: My Mobile Headquarters


Traveling by bus has major advantages that give you an office with the most incredible view. Unlike an airplane, you are low enough to the ground that you get phone signal and most buses have outlets now. This means that … Read More

Official Gear Sponsor: Granite Gear

Granite Gear’s products have accompanied some of the world’s best explorers to the furthest and most challenging environments. Born in the Boundary Waters, a network of wild waterways between Minnesota and Ontario, the company got started by two camping buddies … Read More

SPOT Live Tracking on Trek Tech

The first leg of the journey is about to start, the bus ride across America. This is a perfect opportunity to test out the SPOT Gen3 Tracking device and the live tracking map.

The map will be hosted at Trek Tech … Read More

How Does Family Respond To Me Being An Explorer

Doing what I do I have the opportunity to meet some incredible people, many of whom hold world records or are world champions. In the past two years, I even got to become friends and spend time working together with … Read More

Official Gear Sponsor: Immersion Research

As a surfer, I’ve got a wetsuit that’s suitable for cold water… but not all day, every day for almost three weeks straight!
I reached out to Immersion Research with a request to help prepare me for this trip and I … Read More

How to Press Release

Alright, so you’ve got yourself an expedition, now it’s time to get the word out with an expedition press release.
What is a press release?
Basically, this is a document that is delivered to a journalist or editor of a publication and … Read More

Expedition Featured on Adventure Inspired

Katie Levy and I met years ago when we both signed up to be volunteer guides for what would become the largest adventure group in Philadelphia. She and I shared a great passion for the outdoors as well as a … Read More

Official Gear Sponsor: Trek Tech

If I am James Bond, then Trek Tech is my Q. Over the past two years they have excitedly sent me gear that may as well have a “flamethrower switch” as the founder discovers products like the flashlight that can … Read More

Cirque of the Unclimbables

One of the most incredible climbing meccas on earth is also one of the most unreachable, unknown, and aptly named Unclimbable; the Cirque of the Unclimbables. Home to the Lotus Flower, one of the peaks featured in the famous book … Read More

Official Gear Sponsor: SPOT

Exploring is one of the most incredible yet hazardous activities we as a species do, and we are fortunate companies like SPOT have made it their mission to keep us safe.
The reality is that when we travel into the wilderness, … Read More

Across Canada by Bus

5 days and 4,700 some odd miles all on a bus is the preferred method of travel for my first expedition. Most people would opt for the slightly-more-expensive-by-about-$100 flight that takes only 12 hours with layovers over the 105 hours … Read More

Official Gear Sponsor: Stanley

Food in the wilderness is one of the major vulnerabilities of exploring. As humans, we need to eat every day, preferably more than once. The problem is, food spoils quickly, attracts animals, and is difficult to store because we need … Read More

OVRHD Interactive Boat Composition


Expeditions are unique in that they are a combination of some of the most basic techniques and tools, and at the same time the most cutting edge technology. With that being said, we are proud to be working with OVRHD, … Read More

I Am Not A SuperHero

Last week I wrote about things going wrong, and that is just part of the ride. The other part is the emotional roller-coaster and moments come when you feel the ground underneath you dissolve.
I said I would talk about the … Read More

Blessing and Curse: Social Media

It is a dilemma to choose a career where you are unplugged with nature, only to spend that time…
Tweeting, Instagramming, setting up the perfect photos, fumbling with new gear to test, filming and documenting stories, and so much more.
Sometimes … Read More

Our Guide Book: Dangerous River

When I first got contacted about this adventure, I asked Greg whether he recommended any guide books or websites.
“Dude,” he started, “you have got to read this story by this Patterson guy.” And while I may be exaggerating with the … Read More

Official Hydration Technology Sponsor: GeigerRig

Paddling on a river, you would be surprised to learn that staying hydrated is an issue. To find a solution I approached a company that has played a big part in my adventures over the years, GeigerRig. They are right … Read More

OVRHD Interactive Paddle Strokes Tutorial


Expeditions are unique in that they are a combination of some of the most basic techniques and tools, and at the same time the most cutting edge technology. With that being said, we are proud to be working with OVRHD, … Read More

T H E I S L A N D, full film
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Three days on the deserted Ihlia da Xavier, Florianopolis, Brasil. My first short film.

Please check out our gear sponsors who make this expedition possible!

Things Going Wrong
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This post is a part of the How-To-Expedition Guide for our 2015 Nahanni Expedition
click here to find out more!
Isn’t an expedition all about facing challenges and overcoming situations that fundamentally have a probability of failure so high that the … Read More

Getting Permits for an Expedition

Ranger: Hello?
You: So we’re going to get dropped off in your park for 20 days fully unsupported and paddle the most dangerous river you’ve got in the most remote area between the deepest canyons and over the falls.
Ranger: You’re … Read More

Official Food Sponsor: Perfect Snaque

Years ago I ran into Cricket Allen, the founder of The Perfect Snaque in a chance encounter while looking for a healthy trail snack. I could not have been luckier in discovering that she not only shared my passion but … Read More

Tufa Mounds at Rabbitkettle Hot Springs

Tufa mounds are actually more like jacuzzis made of mineral deposits.
These structures sit on hot springs, which are basically locations in or near geologically active areas where water is superheated underground. The water that seeps out of the ground is … Read More

How We Came Up With Our Gear List

Here’s some fundamentals we followed to put together gear for this 20 day expedition. The list is organized in order of priority, the stuff listed first is the most important. Note, that the word comfortable is nowhere in that sentence; … Read More

OVRHD Interactive Nahanni Map!

NOTE: The image of the Tufa Mounds on this map is a similar structure from another region in the world. While the Tufa Mounds in Nahanni are the same type of structure, photos were not available to demonstrate their size.

Expeditions … Read More

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